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Dick Hartman

Dick Hartman has worn many hats throughout his working career. As a
coach, he received Coach of the Year honors fourteen times and led the top male
tennis team in his county’s history, while also winning twelve district
championships and one state title. Additionally, he developed a successful real
estate business and other entrepreneurial initiatives, implementing many of the life
skills and strategies described in this book.
A community leader, mentor, author, teacher, speaker, and coach, Dick has
honed many interpersonal skills and strategies to help others seek and reach their
potential while getting the most out of life’s experiences and opportunities. His
first book, Motivating the Unmotivated, applies a practical, pragmatic, but loving
approach to reaching teens, helping them achieve and take ownership of their
success during those difficult years. He believes in bringing a dogged
determination and commitment to the table in all pursuits, and he is a tireless
advocate for continuous learning and personal growth--at any age.
Dick presently lives in Central Florida with his beautiful wife, Betty, who
has put up with him for a very long time. He has one adult son and three
grandchildren. A self-described “rabid sports fan,” he also enjoys fitness training,
biking, kayaking and international travel.
When he is not writing, Dick can be found immersed in his community and
enjoying time with his family. He serves as a lector and leader at his church and
has been an active member on a number of advisory boards throughout the years.

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